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    INSA Hauts-de-France


This course will include :

-lectures on engineering trades or skill development-informed strategies (4 h)

-Case study or project based application work (6 h teamwork)

Globalization and advances in technology have resulted in an increased need for engineers to have their credentials recognized around the world. Therefore professional engineers, regardless of where they received their education, should have the suitable education and skills to practice engineering with competence and expertise.

In addition, the complexity and sophistication of modern engineering requires a multidisciplinary approach. Industry worldwide is thus seeking engineers with broad knowledge and skilled in more than one of the traditional engineering disciplines.

Our students will be offered the unique opportunity for direct contact with foreign guest speakers/ lecturers/ experts in the field of engineering trades and engineering skill development in real time, thus providing not only a global educational but also cross-cultural experience, the common language being English as it is essential to achieving effective education, as well as to the process of gathering outstanding individuals from around the world.

Content : Our course offer is aimed at providing our students with the additional qualifications and employability skills they need to start or enhance their career internationally by offering the opportunity to expand advanced knowledge in current and emerging technologies and skill development.

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